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The Rules

Since this is a random legacy, your Sims’ life will also be decided at random.
You have to roll the generations purpose and outcomes before creating your family. You can check it out on this page, or via the menu. I’d recommend to use a roller such as to create your game.
The only thing you can influence yourself is creating your Founder(s) and their home.

The legacy is on for 10 generations: your founder starts as generation one. And it will end when Generation 10 completes their goals.

You can decide the founders looks, traits and personality.
When you roll for a couple, help or full house you can also create their identities.
I’d recommend to do it in the style of the outcome of your rolls, or not, it’s all up to you!
When a help or the partner dies, that spot needs to fill back up (re-marry, create a new sim, etc).

You start with your starting funds only, no cheats or anything allowed.
You can move into an apartment, buy a starters home or empty lot in any world you’d like to play in.
But keep in mind: you have to play on this generation lot the entire time, unless you roll “Change of Scenery“.

1) If you fail your rolls, you must start over.
2) You may choose the heir of the legacy yourself, it must be the child of the heir (biologically or not).
3) You only earn money based by the rolled source of income of that particular sim.
4) Sims only age up on their birthday, not before.
5) Aspiration rewards cannot be used on potions.

~ Stuff packs ~
ROMANTIC GARDEN: Wishing Well cannot be used.
LAUNDRY DAY: must place hamper on lot and do laundry.
MOSCHINO: you cannot earn money from taking photographs, unless your career roll says so.
NIFTY KNITTING: you cannot sell crafts on Plopsy or earn any money from knitting, unless your career roll says so.

~ Game packs ~
DINE OUT: you may eat out, but you may not own a restaurant, unless your career roll says so.
VAMPIRES: a Vampire cannot be the heir because of their lifespan. Vampires must become human or mods have to be used to age them up normally.
JUNGLE ADVENTURE: may travel for holiday. But cannot discover the jungle, unless your roll says so. Any of the relics found or bought cannot be used in a way to give any advantage of your game.
STRANGERVILLE: may only defeat the Mother Plant if the aspiration is set to be StrangerVille Mystery.
REALM OF MAGIC: may be a SpellCaster.
JOURNEY TO BATUU: may travel to Batuu but cannot join or help a faction unless aspiration says so.

~ Expansion packs ~
GET TO WORK: may be an Alien.
GET TOGETHER: clubs are allowed to be created, but not used to help with your household (cleaning, teaching, raising kids etc.).
CATS AND DOGS: your sims may have them, but not make money out of them unless their career tell them to. If you have the aspiration “FRIEND OF THE ANIMALS” you need to add two animals into your household.
SEASONS: may have a baby with Father Winter or any other “occult” type. May create own Holidays, unless they give you an unfair advantage within your current generation.
ISLAND LIVING: may be a Mermaid.
DISCOVER UNIVERSITY: your sims may enroll and have study loans, but cannot make money while studying unless its from their rolled career.
ECO LIFESTYLE: may influence the environment and dumpster dive, but cannot sell dumpster findings to earn Simoleons.
SNOWY EXCAPE: may travel and take a vacation.

Some aspirations can only be fulfilled when the rolled career fits with it. Find the list below.
– Creativity (Bestselling Author) – Writer(Author) or Freelance Author. Writer (Journalist).
– Creativity (Painter Extraordinaire) – Freelance Painter
– Creativity (Musical Genius) – Freelance Musician
– Creativity (Master Actor/Master Actress) – Acting Career
– Creativity (Master Maker) – Freelance Candle Maker
– Deviance (Public Enemy) – Criminal(any)
– Food (Master Chef) – Culinary(any)
– Food (Master Mixologist) – Culinary(Mixologist)
– Knowledge (Computer Whiz) – Tech Guru(any), may make 1 video game or app for milestone III.
– Knowledge (Renaissance Sim) – Career Hopper
– Knowledge (Archaeology Scholar) – Archaeologist
– Location (StrangerVille Mystery) – Doomsday Preppers
– Nature (Jungle Explorer) – Treasure Hunter
– Nature (Eco Innovator) – Civil Designer
– Popularity (Joke Star) – Entertainer(Comedian)

Other aspirations with restrictions:
– Family (Big Happy Family) – Must have at least 3 children
– Family (Successful Lineage) – Must not be a deadbeat parent
– Family (Super Parent) – Must not be a deadbeat parent
– Love (Soulmate) – Must marry (not single parent)
– Knowledge (Spell Craft and Sorcery) – Must Become a Spellcaster
– Knowledge (Academic) – Must go to University and get a degree and job
– Nature (Purveyor of Potions) – Must become a spellcaster

– will be updated shortly –


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