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The Rolls

Now the fun begins! Time to get to rolling the dice! There are in total 5 main rolls to make:
Marital Status – Number of Children – Careers – Generation Goals – Miscellaneous Fun

A) Marital Status
Set the Dice 1 – 28
[1-5] Single Parent: Raise the kids by yourself
[6-15] Couple: Live together with a romantic interest and use the help to raise the kids.
[16] Mixed Single: Have both adopted and biological children. Must have at least 2 children.
[17] Mixed Couple: Same as #17 but with the romantic interest.
[18] Second Chance: Have a child with the first partner, but get another partner after.
[19] Single with Help: Another sim lives with you, who is not romantically involved.
[20] Mixed Single with Help: Combine the variations above.
[21] Couple with Help
[22] Mixed Couple with Help
[23] Single with double Help
[24] Mixed Single with double Help
[25] Full house: 3 extra sims that can help raise kids (4 sims in total in any ways you’d like, as long as the heir is not romantically involved)
[26] Single with “useless” help: Raise the kids by yourself, but you’re getting an extra hand around: you should have a butler/gardener/nanny/etc. All roles should help out! Get your wallet ready. However, you cannot instruct them on or push them to do certain tasks.
[27] Couple with “useless” help: Same as #26 but as a couple.
[28] Full Occult House: 3 extra Occult sims that can help raise kids (4 sims in total in any relation ways you’d like, as long as the heir is not romantically involved)

B) Number of Children
Set the Dice 1 – 10
[1-2] 1 Kid
[3-6] 2 Kids
[7-8] 3 Kids
[9] 4 Kids
[10] 5 Kids

C) Careers
Here is where it gets a little tricky. First you roll what kind of career your heir (C1) and the others (C2) can have, the choices are: Conventional (C3.1), Unconventional (C3.2) or Part Time Job (C3.3).

C1) Primary – Heir
Set the Dice 1 – 10
[1-5] Conventional Careers (C3.1)
[6-8] Unconventional Careers (C3.2)
[9] Career Hopper: Roll 5 different careers within (C3.1)
[10] Double Part-timer: Roll for one Part-Time Job (C3.3), then get another one in-game one that can be combined with it.

C2) Secondary – others
Set the Dice 1 -10
[1-4] Conventional Careers (C3.1)
[5-7] Unconventional Careers (C3.2)
[8] Part-Timer (C3.3)
[9] Career Hopper: Roll 5 different careers within (C3.1)
[10] Unemployed

C3.1) Conventional Careers
Make sure to include the packs you have only!
Set the Dice 1 – 5
[1] Astronaut – Space Ranger
[2] Astronaut – Interstellar Smuggler
[3] Athlete – Professional Athlete
[4] Athlete – Bodybuilder
[5] Business – Management
[6] Business – Investor
[7] Criminal – Boss
[8] Criminal – Oracle
[9] Culinary – Chef
[10] Culinary – Mixologist
[11] Entertainer – Musician
[12] Entertainer – Comedian
[13] Freelancer – Digital
[14] Freelancer – Programmer
[15] Freelancer – Writer
[16] Painter – Master of the Real
[17] Painter – Patron of the Arts
[18] Secret Agent – Diamond Agent
[19] Secret Agent – Villain
[20] Style Influencer – Trendsetter
[21] Style Influencer – Stylist
[22] Tech Guru – eSport Gamer
[23] Tech Guru – Start-up Entrepreneur
[24] Writer – Author
[25] Writer – Journalist
[26] GTW: Detective
[27] GTW: Doctor
[28] GTW: Scientist
[29] CL: Critic – Arts Critic
[30] CL: Critic – Food Critic
[31] CL: Politician – Politician
[32] CL: Politician – Charity Organizer
[33] CL: Social Media – Internet Personality
[34] CL: Social Media – Public Relations
[35] S: Gardener – Botanist
[36] S: Gardener – Floral Designer
[37] GF: Actor
[38] SV: Military – Covert Operator
[39] SV: Military – Officer
[40] IL: Conservationist – Environmental Manager
[41] IL: Conservationist – Marine Biologist
[42] DU: Education – Administrator
[43] DU: Education – Professor
[44] DU: Engineer – Computer Engineer
[45] DU: Engineer – Mechanical Engineer
[46] DU: Law – Judge
[47] DU: Law – Private Attorney
[48] EL: Freelancer – Crafter
[49] EL: Civil Designer – Civic Planner
[50] EL: Civil Designer – Green Technician
[51] SE: Salaryperson – Expert
[52] SE: Salaryperson – Supervisor
[53] MS: Freelancer – Fashion Photographer Branch
[54] P: Freelancer – Paranormal Investigator
[55] DHD: Interior Decorator

C3.2) Unconventional Careers
Make sure to include the packs you have only!
Set the Dice 1 –
[1] Freelance Painter: paint at home whenever you want and sell your creations.
[2] Freelance Author: write at home and sell your books.
[3] Freelance Musician: play an instrument outside and collect tips.
[4] Gardener: earn money with your harvests
[5] Fishersim: sell your catches
[6] Collector: sell your outside treasures from digging, collecting and such.
[7] Carpenter: use a crafting bench and create and sell furniture.
[8] Freelance Comedian: use the microphone and perform stand-up comedy.
[9] Freelance Programmer: create plugins, apps etc.
[10] Space Explorer: build a rocket and explore to infinity and beyond.
[11] Professional Gamer: enter tournaments, etc.
[12] Cybercriminal: create viruses and hack for money.
[13] Professional Host(ess): host social gatherings and sell the rewards you earn.
[14] Freelance Photographer: take pictures of anything, anywhere and sell them.
[15] NK: The Knitter: knit and sell your wooly creations.
[16] OR: Remedy Brewer: brew herbal remedies and sell them for profit
[17] DO: Restaurateur: manage your own restaurant.
[18] JA: Treasure Hunter: treasures, relics, artifacts, and fossils to sell or keep. Note: Only items you find within temples or through pop-up quests can be sold. If you choose to do archaeology such as excavating and using the table you can never sell the items.
[19] JA: Archeologist: use the archaeology table to authenticate relics. You may also write archaeology books and verify items mailed to you. Note: Only items you find through excavation can be sold.
[20] GTW: Retail Owner: manage a store.
[21] GT: DJ: earn tips and license mix tapes as a Disk Jockey.
[22] CL: Festival Fanatic: win and sell prices at festival games, sell free posters etc.
[23] C&D: Veterinarian: manage your own clinic.
[24] C&D: Breeder: breed cats or dogs. But only 2 litters max per female! We don’t want to create the bad type of puppy/kitten mills. You need to befriend your parent animals before breeding.
[25] C&D: Animal Trainer: have a cat (prowler) or dog (hunter) and send them out to search loot for you. You can sell their treasures and make money out of performed tricks.
[26] S: Flower Arranger: craft flower arrangements and sell them using the “Violets are Blue” Flower Arranging Table.
[27] S: Bee Keeper: keep hives and sell their honey with the Burtie’s Bee Box.
[28] GF: Video Producer: use the Video Station to earn money.
[29] GF: Music Producer: use the Music Station to earn money.
[30] GF: Influencer: become famous and use the perks based on Corporate Partnership: sell gifts, use Video & Music Stations for fame and money.
[31] IL: Beachcomber: sell items found on the beach.
[32] IL: Odd Jobs: earn money with performing odd jobs.
[33] EL: Freelance Candle Maker: make and sell candles using the Candle-making station.
[34] EL: Freelance Decorator: make and sell furnishings and objects using the Fabricator.
[35] EL: Freelance Drink Maker: make and sell fizzy drinks using the Juice fizzing machine.
[36] EL: Dumpster Diver: dive into Dumpster and make a living off the findings.
[37] DU: Bot-Bot Creator: create robot toys and other robotics using the Robotics Machine.
[38] CL: Farmer: Live off your land, grow and sell crops, cow’s, llama’s, chickens etc.
[39] HY: Fashion Designer: Create Fashion Looks and Sell outfits on Trendi.
[40] SD: Yoga/Meditation Instructor: Become a Yoga instructor at a spa or invite people over for a private class at home.
[41] SD: Massage Therapist: Give massages at the spa or create your own little private massage saloon at home. Happy ending? You mean this generation gets a nice ending, right? Right???!!!
[42] SD: Nail Technician: Get your creativity going as a nail technician at the spa, or invite people over as “customers”.

C3.3) Part Time Jobs
Make sure to include the packs you have only!
Set the Dice 1 –
[1] Babysitter
[2] Barista
[3] Fast Food Employee
[4] Manual Laborer
[5] Retail Employee
[6] IL – Diver
[7] IL – Fisherman
[8] IL – Lifeguard
[9] HSY – Simfluencer
[10] HSY – Video game streamer

D) Generation Goals
Make sure to include the packs you have only!
Set the Dice 1 –
[1] Perfect Careers — The heir, spouse, and helpers must reach level 10 in their careers.
*Re-roll if no conventional careers are rolled this generation. You may also re-roll if you are doing career hopper.
**DU – When going to University, Sim must attend all classes, do all homework and assignments and get top marks, at least an A- overall GPA.

[2] Fulfilled – The heir and spouse/roommates(if applicable) must complete their first aspiration.
[3] Perfect Children – All children born this generation must complete their childhood aspiration and receive an A in elementary school and an A grade in high school. They should also have a BFF made during childhood, and at least one boyfriend or girlfriend lasting at least 24 sim hours during their teen years. As toddlers, they must reach level 3 in all skills, including potty training, and raise at least one skill to level 5. Each child must gain at least 3 positive character traits when aging to YA.
[4] Dependable – Your heir, spouse and helpers must complete all daily tasks for school and work, beginning in childhood or upon move-in to the house. You may use vacation days given by the game to skip school or work if you’re not going to be able to handle the task, but you may not skip if you have no vacation, or without using your vacation, or attend without having your daily task completed(even if you have saved vacation).
*Re-roll if no non-profession conventional careers are rolled this generation.
[5] Expansionist – You must construct a significant expansion to the house this generation. You may also add or change a single lot trait, if you wish.
*If Random is your miscellaneous fun this generation, the trait changed and new trait must be randomly determined.
[6] Collector – Your heir, spouse, helpers and children must complete and display one of the collections. All items must be found or grown that generation, and for plants you may not use seeds from previous generations…find your own! If you already completed part of a collection in a previous generation, you can choose that collection, but you must collect the objects you already have again with a sim from this generation.
A collection is any of those you find by clicking the diamond in the personal inventory window. You know you’ve completed it because a plaque will arrive in the mail. Display however you’d like but they should be displayed somewhere through the entirety of the challenge.
[7] Deadbeat Parents – the heir, spouse, and helpers may not help their children this generation, apart from basic needs like food and interaction(autonomous chatting over dinner). This includes helping with homework, mentoring or encouraging children in skills, and reading books to them. For toddlers, it is permitted to provide basic care such as food and diaper changes, but try to avoid any parent-child interactions that raise a skill bar, such as flash cards, reading books, potty training, and so on. Some autonomous talking is okay — the parents are deadbeat, not abusive — but don’t deliberately train the communication skill. Children may teach themselves. Each child should age up to YA with at least one negative character trait.
[8] Change of Scenery – It’s moving time! At some point, after the heir comes of age, you must either move to a new lot or completely demolish the entire house and start over from scratch on your current lot. Your new lot may not share any lot traits with your old lot.
*If Random is your miscellaneous fun this generation, the new lot’s traits must be randomly determined.
**Re-roll if it’s generation 1.
[9] Party King/Party Queen — Host every kind of party(house, dinner, wedding, birthday) with a gold medal in each. If you have more than four party types(through expansions, DLC or mods), roll to randomly determine the four party types that you will be attempting for this goal, re-rolling any duplicates.
[10] Idle Careers — May not make an effort to advance in your heir’s, helper’s and spouse’s careers, including school. If the career goals happen to line up with aspirational goals, that’s a happy coincidence, because you may advance in aspiration freely. Autonomous actions are also acceptable. If you’ve rolled an unconventional career that has no tasks that sims will perform autonomously, you may only perform tasks for it if your sim has a whim to do it or if they do them autonomously. If you rolled for this generation before the heir aged to YA they may not have the Responsible trait! If you rolled an interactive career just never choose the “Travel to Work” option — send them alone, as the work performance should, in theory, stay stagnant that way.
[11] Friendship is Forever — Beginning when the heir is a child, they must make one new good friend every week. This friendship must be maintained through subsequent weeks, and may only be ended by the death of the friend.
*Re-roll if it’s generation 1.
[12] Midlife Crisis — This generation, the heir will experience a randomly-generated midlife crisis event. Between when this generation is rolled and when the first of the eligible sims reach the adult life stage, determine who will go through the crisis. If you have not picked someone before the first sim reaches adulthood, or is moved in as an adult, that sim will be the one. Once the selected sim reaches adulthood(and not sooner!), roll three times to determine three aspects of the midlife crisis from the list below, re-rolling if you receive a duplicate. Each aspect has a deadline which it must either be completed or started during. The generational goal is complete when all aspects are finished. Roll 1-12:
– #1 Re-roll Miscellaneous Fun(complete within 24 hours) — Your Miscellaneous Fun roll will change. It takes effect immediately, with weekly tasks starting the following Sunday.
– #2 Randomize a trait(complete within 24 hours) — Randomly determine which of your sim’s traits will change, then use a cheat to remove that trait, replacing it with another that has been randomly determined.
– #3 Re-roll Career(complete within 24 hours) — Re-roll your sim’s career. This means a new primary career.
– #4 Make a major purchase(complete within 24 hours) — Buy something shiny and expensive(relative to how much wealth you have) for your house. Worth at least 60% of your current household funding. In case of a lot of money, you need to buy a lot of stuff.
– #5 Have a romantic crisis(start within 48 hours) — Your sim’s love life is thrown into turmoil. Perhaps they meet a new lover, cheat on their spouse, or simply have a falling out with a long-time partner. This must begin within 48 hours but doesn’t have to resolve ever.
– #6 Change style to recapture youth(complete within 24 hours) — Your sim must change their style(mirror and dresser, CAS cheats if necessary) to recapture their youth. Perhaps even get a tattoo. They can change back after a period of a few days if they want.
– #7 Gain a new skill(complete within 1 week) — Your sim must gain at least 5 skill levels in a skill they haven’t used much previously. This counts from the level they’re currently at, so if a sim has level 2 charisma, they must attain level 7.
– #8 Have a child(complete within 1 week) — Your sim must either have a biological child or adopt a child. Either way, it will be raised with the rest of the generation’s children. Add one child to the number of children you will have this generation.
– #9 Randomize Aspiration(complete within 24 hours) — Randomly pick a new aspiration for your sim, throwing out any that are incompatible with your other rolls. If you also have to re-roll your sim’s career, use the new career when determining aspiration compatibility.
– #10 Adopt a pet(complete within 24 hours) — Adopt a pet through an agency or befriend a stray and bring them home. [C&D]
– #11 Plus One(complete within 1 week) A new helper is added to the household. It can be any sim that has not previously lived in the household. If you rolled single for this generation it can be a spouse or live-in partner. Perhaps it is a long lost family member? You may roll a secondary career for the sim but their traits should be randomized.
*If you have a full house already reroll.
– #12 Who Am I Again??(complete within 24 hours)- Use the reward store re-training potion and re-roll all three traits.

[13] Memorial — The heir, along with any spouses or helpers, must be memorialized this generation, by a sim with maxed skill in the relevant crafting skill(painting, photography or writing). Memorials may consist of: a painted portrait, a photograph, a biography, or a book of life. Each memorial can be crafted by a different sim if you want, and they don’t have to all be the same type, though they should all be displayed together.
[14] Themed Display — This generation, the heir, spouses and helpers should create a themed display somewhere in their house or yard. The display must contain at least 10 items, plant and craft level excellent or higher, from at least two different collections or craft disciplines, and must contain at least one craft and one collected item.
[15] Haunted House — From the time the heir comes of age to the time the heir dies, three sims must die an unnatural death on your home lot. Unnatural death is defined as any death except by old age, and the sims may be members of your household(such as unneeded spouses, spares that are about to move out, or even the heir themselves) or guests. Furthermore, the graves must stay on your home lot, and the ghosts be allowed to roam the house freely. The graves may be removed after this generation’s heir dies.
[16] Best Club Ever [GT]— Your heir must start their own club from scratch this generation. To complete this goal, the following criteria must be met concurrently:
– The club must have 8 members. Sims may not join the club unless they are already friends with the club leader, so get to recruiting!
– The club must have a hangout built specially for them, either on your home lot or on a community lot. The hangout should contain enough seating for the entire club and any necessary items to complete club activities. If you build on a community lot from the map view, take note of how much money you “spent” on the hangout and subtract it from your family’s funds.
– The club should have all ranks of one of the emotional vibes purchased, depending on the club’s focus. Happy counts.

– The club door perk must be unlocked(since you have a hangout)
– In addition, three other club spirit perks(hats, jackets, wall decorations, etc) must be unlocked and used.

[17] Domestic Dilemma [CL] — When this generation comes of age(or at the start of the game) you must either add a new “negative” trait or replace an existing trait(determine which of the three randomly) with a “negative” trait of your choice(unless you’ve rolled Random). This generation, you must find a creative way in your story to overcome said negative trait. For example, Quake Zone might be overcome by a sim maxing their writing skill and writing 5 nonfiction bestseller books about earthquake safety, or perhaps by a sim maxing their handiness skill and equipping every appliance/plumbing object in the house with the unbreakable upgrade. Be creative! When the negative trait has been overcome, you may replace it with a trait of your choice if you wish(again, unless you’ve rolled Random).
Negative traits include: Cursed – Filthy – Gremlins – Grody – Haunted – Mean vibe – On a dark ley line – quake zone – Vamparic nexus
[18] My Honor Student(s) [P] — In this generation complete every school project in every possible level from poor-excellent and create a prominent display area so that any guests to the house can marvel at your child’s intellect… even if the parent did most of it themselves.
[19] Pet Shrine [C&D]— Adopt, create, or bring home a stray pet. Through the generation build a shrine to the pet.
Example: A wall of Simstigram photos, their urn, favorite toys, collected feathers, collected presents unopened.
[20] Bad Investment — At the end of the previous generation the former heir made a bad investment and lost most of the families’ money! Add their household funds and lot value then multiply that by 90%. This is the amount you will need to subtract. Once there are no funds left the “repo man” comes. You will need to sell any and all household items until the debt is repaid. You may choose to sell the house and start over if you’d like.
*Re-roll if it’s generation 1.
[21] Bring Me Back To Life — At some point during this generation, one of the family members teen-elder will have a terrible accident… of your choice of course. After Grim has done his duty have the remaining family members work towards having the poor soul rejoin the family and resurrect them.
*Note: If you won’t have at least one living caretaker left in the house re-roll.
[22] Do-Gooders — This family’s mantra is doing onto others. And they do! They volunteer together at least once a week. They feed strays in the park. They invite homeless sims to dinner and let them stay the night. They regularly donate to charity. Basically, any do-gooder thing you can think of!
[23] Holiday Fanatics [S]— Must celebrate at least one holiday each sim week with 5 goals and all completed if possible depending on the sim’s likes.
[24] Scouting Family [S]- Your family is into scouting. Really into it. Even though the parents can’t be scout leaders they take their children’s involvement seriously. Any badge that can be earned with a parent tagging along they should.
Example: Taking the kids to Granite Falls for the nature badge.
[25] Rich and Famous [GF]- This generation your family is all about the Fame! Everyone in the household must do what they can to gain fame. Once a week they should go somewhere to be seen by their adoring fans and sign autographs, have their picture taken, etc. If they receive gifts they should be set aside in a shrine type area or a dedicated room to display their fame. Duplicate gifts may be deleted but not sold.
[26] Doomsday Preppers [SV]- At least one member of the family must solve the StrangerVille mystery and it’s aspiration. If you want the entire family can do it. This aspiration can be in addition to your regular one. So if you have a musican doing Musical Genius you can switch back and forth. Optional extra fun: Temporarily move the family to StrangerVille preferably to a bunker style house. You can do this either until the mystery is solved or for the entirety of the generation. You may change the lot traits. When starting the next generation you may choose any lot. You aren’t required to return to the previous legacy lot. You may also stay on your StrangerVille lot. Keep in mind if you choose to stay you can’t move again until rolling the “change of scenery” generational goal.
[27] Enviromentalist [IL]- Once a week heir must clean up a community lot or venue such as the beach.
[28] Photo Fanatic [MS] Must take at least 5 photos a week and arrange them either on walls or around the house on tables. Children of heir must have their photo taken at each age stage and pets too.
[29] Magic Master [ROM]- Learn and Master all Spells
[30] Potion Master [ROM]- Learn and Master all potions
[31] Career Student [DU]- Do at least Two Distinguished Degrees with four classes a term.
[32] Bot Crazy [DU]- Master the robotics skill, make all bots and a servo and keep in the household for that generation.
[33] Saving Space [TL]- Family must build and stay in tiny home for entire generation.
– Household of max 3 must live in Tier 1.
– Household of max 6 must live in Tier 2.
– Household of max 8 must live in Tier 3.

[34] Green Living [EL] – Cannot buy new furniture this Gen, must find or make everything you need. Must grow own food and fuel and collect water.
[35] Furry Friend Fanatic [MFP] – Must have one hamster, one rat, one pygmy hedgehog and one miniature bulbalus. They must be kept in a room (or rooms) dedicated to these little creatures.
[36] Never Knot Knitting [KN] – Create socks, baby clothing or whatever to give to a birthday celebrant, to wear during a holiday and all other special occasions that call for knitting!
[37] Scoundrel’s Outlaw [JTB] – Travel to Batuu, join Scoundrels and become rank #5.
[38] Sergeant of the First Order [JTB] – Travel to Batuu, join the First Order and become rank #5.
[39] Sergeant of the Resistance [JTB] – Travel to Batuu, join the Resistance and become rank #5.
[40] Extreme Sporter [SE] – Maximize Rock Climbing, Skiing and Snowboarding.
[41] Fully Furnished Floors – This generation the house must be upgraded until the following requirements are met: At least 3 Bedrooms, a Kitchen, a Dining Room, at least 2 Bathrooms, a Family/Living room, a Study with at least one computer, an outdoor Garden and a Pool.
[42] Local Salvadorian [JA] – Must be in a romantic relationship with a Salvadorian, maximize the Salvadorian Culture Skill, teach other household members the traditional dancing and cook frequently the Salvadorian meals.
[43] Home Library – Every household member must read at least 10 books and the house must include it’s own private library and own all books from: Childrens, Fantasy, Mystery, Non-fiction, Poetry, Romance, Sci-Fi and Toddler.
[44] Over-Achiever – Must maximize 7 skills, you may choose which.
[45] The Maniac – This generation you can add one more Sim into your household. However, this Sim must be locked up in a hidden prison room on the lot. Your Heir is the only human contact the prisoner can have. The Prisoner is released on it’s birthday (Young Adult > Adult or Adult > Elder). How the prison looks like is all up to you. Just no communication electronics allowed (laptop/computer etc).
[46] Paranormal’s President [P]- This generations heir is a paranormal fan. Maximize your Medium Skills, unlock and perform all Seance Table interactions, and the best of all summon Bonehilda! Oh and don’t forget to stay for 7 nights at a Haunted House.
[47] Fixer upper – This generation is all about redecorating and remodelling houses. You move into an empty lot to start over, but need to move out and start over whenever your family is expanding. E.g. When you get a partner, a child is born, etc. Make sure that house has everything for the current family. For example, when you can work from home, you need a home office.
[48] Love to Party [MYS] – This generation is all about celebrating L O V E. You must host at least 5 social events that are linked to your wedding. Must pick from: Bach Party, Engagement Dinner, Family Gathering, Reception, Rehearsal Dinner and Vow Renewal.
[49] Occult Sim – Your Heir has trouble fitting in. This generation the heir is trying to find a fit. Start as a “normal” sim and find your way through all types of occults. You have to stay one type for 7 sim-days. But you can take breaks from being an occult sim. For example: one week a mermaid, next week human again, week after vampire, week after spellcaster, next week human again and after that a werewolf.
[50] Livin’ for the Lore – This generations goal is to learn about werewolf, vampire, spellcaster and Salvadorada lore.

E) Miscellaneous Fun
Make sure to include the packs you have only!
Set the Dice 1 –
[1] Random — Determine traits and aspirations(including the childhood aspiration) randomly for all sims of this generation(the heir and their siblings). Adult aspirations should be chosen randomly from the list of aspirations, discarding any which are incompatible with other parameters, as stated earlier in the rules. Helpers and Spouses moved in should have their adult aspiration randomized in a similar manner if you choose to change it. Any lot traits determined this generation, including initial move-in traits, must be random.
[2] Partier — Throw at least one party(of any type and rating) every week.
[3] Mischief Managed — Your heir must play a successful prank once every week from the time they age into a teen. Pranks include: making a prank call(mischief 3+), clogging drains at other lots(mischief 5+), calling in to play hooky(mischief 6+), sabotaging a rocket ship(mischief 8+), using a stink potion(mental 10+), sabotaging objects and sims(Tormentor reward trait), and any prank options performed with a partner in crime(mischief 4+).
[4] Moody — Once a week, your heir and spouse(if applicable) must spend at least 3 consecutive hours in a certain mood, randomly chosen from the following list: inspired, happy, angry, embarrassed, playful, flirty, sad, bored, confident, focused, tense. Heir and spouse may have different required moods. Cannot use emotional aura items beyond viewing them to aid in establishing or continuing the mood. Must participate in activities corresponding to the rolled mood for the 3 hour period such as jogging while energized or fulfilling mood whims. If they slip out of the mood get them back into it.
[5] Homemade — May not get quick meals from the fridge, order pizza, eat from food stalls or dine out, consume plasma packs, and may only cook meals with ingredients if all ingredients are present. The pre-made toddler meals you can serve from the high chair are considered quick meals.
[6] Runs in the Family — Pick a trait from your heir(not a bonus or reward trait). Every child born to your heir must take this trait at the earliest opportunity.
[7] Perfect Attendance — From childhood onwards, your heir and helpers must never be more than one hour late to work or school. Similarly, they may not make use of the “leave early” function. A five strike allowance is provided for accidental lateness(like if you queue up actions and don’t notice that they didn’t leave for work), but intentional lateness for playing strategy or the fifth lateness will result in a loss of the challenge. This restriction also applies to the heir’s children and any spouses or helpers moved in later. Perfect attendance also applies to the use of vacation days, either while on vacation or for family leave.
[8] Fixer Upper — May not call the handyman or purchase new objects if they break this generation. You must fix them. I don’t care if you have no handiness skill, if you want to shower today you’ll get to work, won’t you?
[9] Half-Siblings — Sims born this generation must each be with a different partner.
*Re-roll if you’re only having one kid.
[10] Fighter — The heir, spouse or a helper(pick one and stick with it) must get in a fight at least once a week.
[11] Joker — Free re-roll of one category, now or in a future generation.
[12] Health Nut — This generation, sims may only eat healthy food. In addition, the heir, spouse, helpers, and their children must each spend at least 3 hours each week performing physical activity. Any activity that increases movement, motor, fitness or wellness skills count.
[13] Gourmet — Once every week, the entire family(heir, spouse, and children) must find the time to sit down all at once and enjoy a gourmet meal prepared especially for the occasion. It doesn’t matter whether the heir or the spouse prepares the meal, but it must be from the gourmet cooking skill, not the regular cooking skill.
Add: If you have Parenthood have a child set the table as well.
[14] Hands Off! — You may not use the “hand of god” to clean up books and so on. Sims must clean up on their own. Selling things from their inventory is okay.
[15] Hobbyist — Your heir and spouse(if applicable) must each pick a hobby activity(such as painting, playing chess, jogging, fishing, etc) that is unrelated to their rolled career and devote at least 3 hours every sim week to practicing that activity. They may not use the activity to make money.
[16] My Precious — When your sim finds something they like, it’s hard for them to let it go. Pick one of the options below to build a collection over the course of your heir’s lifetime. The collection must be displayed somewhere on the legacy lot so it may not be kept in an inventory until the generation is complete.
– #1 I finds it, it’s mine — At least once a week, your sim must go out and find a unique object to add to their collection(pick a single category: frogs, MySims Trophies, metals, crystals, elements, fossils, aliens, space rocks or fish). You may not display duplicates. If you have found one of every item and the generation isn’t complete yet, pick a new collection to begin.
– #2 So bright, so beautiful, my precious — Once a week, your sim must purchase something beautiful and shiny from the decorations tab in buy mode. This should be something that exists only to look awesome and should be displayed all together(or as trophy centerpieces in each room or something), not decor that “blends in” such as toilet paper rolls in the bathroom or a pan rack in the kitchen. If your sim is insane and decides to build a “bathroom shrine” in their living room, that’s totally legit, but it should be done to add to the story, not just because you couldn’t be bothered to find a better idea than buying misc decorations for your bathrooms to fulfill this fun.

[17] Vacationer — At least one sim from the household must go on vacation at least once every sim week. They must use at least one vacation day from work and must have a day outing of some sort, lasting for most of the day(you know the kind you’d take in real life, leaving after breakfast and arriving back home in the evening), on their day off. This doesn’t have to be the same sim every week.
[18] Clubber [GT]— Starting from childhood or the time they join the household, the heir, and every spouse/helper must belong to a club, attending a meeting at least once a week. They do not have to belong to the same club, though they can if you want. If you choose to use a household club, please keep in mind the rules about how to avoid making clubs cheaty, specifically the ones prohibiting having a constant club gathering running at all times. They must actually get together in a group and do a thing in order to have a club gathering, you can’t just run a gathering while they’re all sleeping or doing random tasks around the house.
[19] On Call — Starting when the heir is a teen, they(or a spouse or helper) must respond to at least one “hang-out” phone call every week. This includes birthday parties and invitations to community lots, but does not include requests to come to hang out at your home lot — you must actually leave your home lot for this to count.
*Re-roll if it’s generation 1.
[20] Town Explorer — Starting when the heir is a teen, they(or a spouse or helper) must visit a unique community lot every week, for at least 3 hours. The community lots may not be repeated to count for this, though you may visit them again just for fun.
*Re-roll if it’s generation 1.
[21] Regular Diner [DO]— Once a week, the entire household must go out to eat at a restaurant. All three courses and something to drink should be ordered.
[22] Festival Frequenter [CL]— Every time there is a festival, at least one household member must attend the festival for at least one sim hour. This doesn’t have to be the same household member each time.
[23] Flea Market Fanatic [CL]— Some sims just can’t pass up a great bargain. Why would you pay full price for anything? This generation, you may not purchase certain categories of items from the catalog. These items may only be purchased at the flea market or from unplayable sims selling their own goods on the street. Paintings left on public easels count.
The categories are: Comfort(except beds) – Lighting – Decorations(except mirrors)
[24] Sibling Rivalry [P] — Whenever the parents aren’t within earshot the siblings can only interact using mean or mischievous interactions until one of them ages to young adult and they patch things up.
[25] Rainbow Brite — This generation your heir’s taste drastically changed! Using the design tool in build/buy mode change every item possible to the rolled color. For extra torture, fun dress the entire family in the chosen color as well!
1-Red 2-Pink 3-Yellow 4- Green 5- Blue 6- Purple 7- White 8- Gray 9- Black 10- Brown
[26] Exchange Student — When one of the children is a teenager they are invited to participate in an exchange program. Pick any other household in the save that has another teenager and swap them in manage worlds. Befriend the exchange student. You can have them stay for only a few days or as long as a week. After they have left invite them to visit once a week and remain friends with at least one family member.
[27] Foster Pets [C&D]- From the start of this generation to the time the next generation’s heir takes over you must have a pet in the house that you are actively training daily to encourage someone to adopt it. Once the pet has trained away at least 3 misbehaviors like drinking or rolling in pee puddles and has learned some tricks (if it’s a dog) you will choose a family to “adopt” them via manage worlds. If you won’t have room for a pet see the rule regarding pets.
[28] Cultured [JA]- All family members should max the Selvadoradian culture skill, visit at least twice during this generation to immerse themselves. Optional: Complete the relics collection.
[29] Seasonal “Fun” [S]- Each season you must decorate the sim’s house & wardrobe according to the season, as well as do something (like a party or group outing) to celebrate the season.
[30] Crazed Fans [GF]- Your family is all about the rich and famous. At least once a week they should seek out and fawn over the celebrity elite but should not go out of their way to attempt to become famous themselves. If they gain fame inadvertently that’s fine.
[31] Island Local [IL]- Once a week must join a island gathering.
[32] Magic Club [ROM]- Make a club of Spellcasters who gather to research, make potions and do spells and other things related to magic. Must meet in Glimmerbrook at least once a week.
[33] Secret Society Member [DU]- Join and be a practicing member of the secret society
[34] Organsation King/Queen [DU] – Join an organization while at university and be a active member.
[35] Roommate fun [DU] – have at least 1 roommate in the family household for entire generation.
[36] Nice and Cozy [TL] – All bedrooms must be max 12 tiles.
[37] Going Green [EL] – Do everything you can to maintain a green eco footprint. Green for you, your family and the future!
[38] Idc-Industrial [EL] – You simply couldn’t care less about the environment. Smog clouds, trash, who cares? Not you.
[39] Hot Pot magic! [SE] – Once a week you and your family sit down to enjoy sharing hot pots with the entire family.
[40] Duel Master [ROM] – Once a week your heir must win a Magic Duel in the Magic Realm.
[41] Activist Lifestyle – Once a week the entire family must participate in a protest and do voluntarily/community work.
[42] Whims, Whims and Whims – The Heir complete all Whims that pop-up.
[43] Beach Lifestyle – This generation the entire household must spend one day per week at the beach. They must engage in beach and ocean activities.
[44] Nasty Neighbor – The Heir must fight at least one of the neighbors every other day.
[45] Cowplant Plantation – Must take care of minimal 5 Cow Plants.
[46] Future Eaters [EL] – Must only eat food made from own garden and own harvest bugs.
[47] Riches to Rags – You have to start all over again, sell everything, delete your house, delete your money and start with just 5.000 simoleons. You can choose to stay on the lot or move to another one.
[48] Ghastly Roommates [P] – Welcome to the Haunted House lot! You must learn how to live with your new roommates, they are here to stay for this generation.
[49] Simple living [CL] – Live off your land. All meals must be made from fresh ingredients you have available. You may buy these or grow them yourself.
[50] Bust the Dust [BtD] – Dust can’t be turned off. This generation has to live with dust. Must complete the Fabulously Filthy or Perfectly Pristine aspirations.
[51] The Collector – Must collect all possible collectible items every day at the spots accessible around your direct neighbourhood.
[52] Troubled Teens [HSY] – When your children becomes teenagers, the real parenting starts. Roll the dice for 4 types of kids:
A. Trouble Maker: Class Clown or Your Worst Nightmare? He/She sneaks out to parties, gets into fights, pulls pranks, gets into detention, etc.
B. Mr/Miss Perfect: “You’re so Perfect!” He/She is on the cheer- or football team. Is a straight A-student, and has at least 3 good friends, a boy- or girlfriend and a part-time job.
C. Overachiever: The one that knows all answers. He/She is a straight A-student, masters an instrument skill, masters at least 2 other mental skills, joins an after school activity, has no friends.
D. Mr. Mean/Mean Girl: The one everyone fears, yet wants to be. He/She has one rival and one bestie, is a trendsetter with 10 outfits on Trendi, is dating around and breaking hearts.
[53] Opposites attract [GT]: You can only start relationships (romantically and friendly) with other sims who you are not compatible with.
[54] The Teacher [GT]: You must help your child(ren) with everything; learning how to bike, build treehouses, with homework, etc. Toddlers cannot learn via those toddler pads, they must learn with their parent(s) or other caretakers.
[55] Kyle’s best friend! [GT]: Whenever a sim *ahum, Kyle* wants to stay over, you cannot decline!


7 thoughts on “The Rolls

  1. [16] Mixed Single: Have both adopted as biological children. Must have at least 2 children.

    I think you mean AND, not AS
    I did a double take at that one


    1. Hi! Thanks for the feedback. So for the current roller generator, I work together with so it’s not hosted by myself. I will however forward this feedback to him. Thank you!


  2. Have always loved trying this challenge. I do have a suggestion for the unconventional careers section though. Maybe adding the money making opportunities from the Spa Day refresh would be good. For example: Yoga Instructor, Meditation Instructor, Massage Therapist and Nail Technician


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