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The Sims 4:
Random Legacy Challenge Game

August 2022 update!

Hi all! I am PieceOfPrincess and I am a huuuuge fan of doing legacy challenges from all sorts of types. One of the challenges I’ve been playing is the Random Legacy Challenge which I have played since The Sims 2 came out.

Lately I have tried to play out this challenge again, but I noticed that a lot of its information is
-unfortunately- outdated. As a Sims fanatic myself who practically did not stop playing, I decided to continue with this legacy.

Credits to the creator of this challenge: Tigger89
And many thanks to the ones that continued the legacy: Stormydayz and Skyegal19

This is a community effort. If you have any ideas on how to expand this challenge with rules or rolls. Please feel free to reach out to me on the official Sims Forums or via Discord: PieceOfPrincess#5475
Thank you Telmarina for helping me out with your amazing ideas. And extra credits to Joachim for the Random Roller Generater.

Happy Simming!